As we approach the cooler months of the year, we are launching new additions to our Winter Range to keep your staff and customers fired up this winter.

Whether it is a beanie or a blanket, from head to toe we have you covered this winter. Please check out our range of Beanies, Neck Scarfs, Jackets, Vests and Blankets.

We have a large range of promotional products for winter, Coffee Cups, Travel Mugs, Flasks, Lip balms & Heat Packs to name a few.

You’d be surprised!

Below are some of the New Products below:

Pom-Pom Beanies


Oslo Luxury Blanket

Nova Cup

Bamboo Double Wall Cup

Bamboo Flask

Other Outerwear Stats:

In fact, your brand stands to gain a lot from promotional outerwear based on the statistics from Global Ad Impressions 2019 by Advertising Specialties Institute:

  •  Longer brand exposure: Promotional outerwear are kept for a minimum of 16 months.
  •  Highest brand impressions: It generates the highest brand impressions during its lifetime more than any other item with 6,100 impressions. Its Cost Per Impression (CPI) is 3/10 of a cent for a jacket that costs $20.
  •  Women love wearing it: We all know that women hold the purse strings in any household. With promotional outerwear, you stand to gain their patronage more since 42% of them wear their branded outerwear on a weekly basis.

If you’re looking for the perfect merchandise that will delight and engage the market you want to reach, contact [email protected]. For more than 30 years, Berlex Promotional has provided complete merchandise solutions for an ever-increasing number of Australian corporations and businesses, particularly in the flourishing automotive industry.

To find out more, explore the Berlex Promotional website.

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