By the Numbers: 10 Great reasons to use promotional products

What’s the point of giving away another pen with your company on it at your next promotional event? Will it matter enough to the recipient to use it?

If you’re worried about your bottom line, or if you’re a small business owner on a tight budget, these questions matter. You want your promotional freebies to do its job – promote brand recall – and not be discarded unused.

So, do Promotional Products even work?

You’d be surprised!

Chosen wisely and well, Corporate Gift, Souvenir Items, and other Promotional Branded Merchandise remain effective more than ever!

Here are 10 reasons culled from Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA).

89% remember the brand of the promotional product they received in the last two years
Yes, promotional products matter. They matter enough for recipients to recall your brand for the next 24 months! The same applies to other merchandise with your name or logo on it.

Mugs with logos are more effective than print ads and TV commercials
A surprising fact: 57% remember the name of the advertiser on a mug compared to the 32% recall of radio and 28% of TV.

6 in 10 people keep promotional products for up to 2 years
That translates to repeated exposure of your brand name to your target audience.

85% are more likely to do business with the brand
Who knew a promotional pen or a similar item would be such an effective call to action?

53% used the promotional item at least once a week
Repeated exposure keeps your brand top of mind.

77% say usefulness is the Number 1 reason they keep promotional items
Choose your giveaways thoughtfully. Pens, certainly, but also bags, tech items, and safety products.

91% have at least one promotional product in their kitchen
Now, that’s proof of usage and usefulness. In addition, 74% keep their giveaways in their office or workspace, while 55% have at least one freebie in the bedroom.

63% give away their promotional products when they no longer use it
Two things to glean from this statistic: You extend your reach, hitting fresh markets you didn’t plan for in the first place and people would rather give away promotional items than throw them away

48% would like to receive promotional items more often
People like giveaways! They really do so make the most of it.

2018’s Top Trends in Promotional Products tap into changing lifestyles

Make sure your promotional products keep up with the times. Whether you’re targeting millennials, the even younger zillennials, or even baby boomers, consider the following:

  • Wellness products, thanks to a fitness craze that has evolved into a lifestyle of healthy living
  • Multifunctional items to keep in line with the trend to downsize and declutter
  • The color of the year, Pantone’s Ultra Violet is bold and eye-catching and can be utilised in a vast array of products.

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